What is Cancer?

The definition of cancer has been written on “Cancer Medicine, e. 5 ,” section 1, – Cancer is a genetic disease. Published in 2000, by B.C Decker Inc. Hamilton.

As we search for more answers about Cancer, we should define it as this – Cancer is a very complex chronic systemic disease (even early staged cancer). So far, we have not completed understanding the cause of cancer, but we do know most of cancer’s risk factors, such as certain Drugs (chemotherapy, immune system-suppress agents), Alcohol, Tobacco, Sunlight, Radon, Ionizing Radiation, Aflatoxin B1, Vinyl chloride, Viruses, Certain fatty diet, Obesity, Stress, environmental pollution, dye, genetic factor, ect…

Lisha Fan, MD, Integrative Oncologist
Founder / President of International Integrative Oncology Institute; April 23, 2013

IIOI Mission Statement:

Make Healthcare Affordable, Prioritize Patient Health, Advance Personalized Cancer Therapies, Educate the Public to Cancer Prevention, Establish New Age Medical School


What is Integrative Oncology?

Human Being

According to Huang Di Nei Jing, Human life has Physical body and Invisible life, that invisible life including: Spirt, deity; soul; mind, reasoning power, intelligence; idea, meaning, consciousness; and will.


(From the Random House College Dictionary)
Any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness… The art or science of treating disease with drugs or curative substances, restoring or preserving health… (Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)) The major theories of TCM are Ying-Yang and
the Five Elements.

Integrative Medicine

Ingrate the best modern Western medicine technology and Asian Eastern medicine philosophy to bring better diagnosis and treatment to patients.

Meaning of Five

The theory of the Five Elements refers to the five categories of things in the natural world, namely wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Five is in the center and represents the earth and spleen, earth receives and generates while the spleen transforms nutrients. The relationship the five elemets and the human body:
wood – liver, fire – heart, earth – spleen, metal – lung, water – kidney.

Meaning of Yin-Yang

Ying-Yang theory explains all of the phenomenon in our universe and life, it has has been called “Ying-Yang” as the Law of the Universe. Everything in the universe is paired together and can only exsist because of eachother. For example, day and night, water and fire, upper and lower, cold and hot, and a man and a woman…

Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine is individualized and tailored therapy to each patient. All the following factors need to be considered: medical history, physical exam, necessary laboratory/imaging studies, financial situation, job environment, personality, marriage status, family and friends support situation, life style, genetic information, geography, season change, ect. It is the best cost effective therapy.